Servicing? At your door? That's correct. Here at Prestige Autoworks, we carry out all servicing to manufacturers specifications for a fraction of the price found at the main dealer. If regular servicing is not carried out, it can not only impact the performance and reliability of your vehicle, but also the resale value!  Only genuine parts and service methods are used, ensuring your pride and joy remains in perfect running order. For a full breakdown of our service costing and what's included

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Whether it's your brakes in need of replacement, a frustrating knocking noise or the oil leak which has now stained your driveway, we have you covered. We have the expertise, skill and knowledge to provide a completely transparent service with unsurpassable quality. Even though most of the repairs can be carried out mobile, we also have a safe and secure workshop for those bigger jobs such as clutch replacements, major engine tasks and subframe protecting (we're talking about you, Maserati). Do you have an issue with your vehicle? Click here for a hassle free quotation.


Our technicians are equipped with the latest manufacturer spec diagnostic platforms, able to communicate with all control units. Allowing us to dive deep into the memory and data within the vehicles brains, we can scope hundreds of parameters and highlight any fault.  We can also code new control units after replacement and new keys.  If you have a warning light which just isn't budging click here for a quote.


Whether its unleashing more noise and performance with Quicksilver Exhausts,

adjusting the ride height to improve handling and road presence, or even improving the experience for your passengers in the back with some in car entertainment, we have a huge range of high quality products to suit your needs. Do you have an idea you want to bring to life? Click here and a member of our team will be in contact. 

Pre Purchase Inspections

Vehicle purchase is the second biggest expense of your lifetime. We provide a 'PPI' service, where we come out to the vehicle you are interested in, carry out our bespoke thorough inspection which leaves no stone left unturned. Our extensive knowledge of common issues with every make and model, backed up by our diagnostic equipment which identifies mileage deformation and crash logs, provides you with the comfort and confidence that your new vehicle wont come back to haunt you with huge bills.

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 Mobile Luxury And Supercar Servicing. Diagnosis,Repair And Servicing.Genuine Parts and Experienced Technicians. Providing An Unsurpassable Experience And Service To The Maserati,Ferrari,Porsche,Lamborghini,Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Performance Brands. Enquire Now For A Hassle Free Quotation.


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