As emission regulations tighten and manufacturers are forced to comply, one important characteristic, a MUST have, is sacrificed. Exhaust noise. Sadly the noise of screaming V10's and grunting flat 6's coming fresh off the production line is a thing of the past. However, Prestige Autoworks have teamed up with THE BEST exhaust manufacturers producing phenomenal exhaust artwork which unleashes the beast within. Companies such as all the way from the U.S, Quicksilver exhausts from the UK and even Capristo from Germany.

Its not just exhausts, for example we can provide ambient lighting to brighten up your Ghibli, custom starlight roofing for your G63, carbon kits from RYFT for your 720s and even adjusters to lower your Bentayga for a menacing look. 

Why wait? Turn that vision into a reality, contact us below.

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718 GTS for full Fabspeed turbo back exhaust

LEFT - Ferrari F12 lowered and fitted with full RYFT decat system. 


Mclaren 720s sporting the jaw dropping RYFT carbon bodykit. This ones also fitted with a turbo back exhaust and lowered.