Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspections. What are they? What do they cover? Why do they benefit you?

Pre Purchase Inspections are complete checkover's of the vehicle you are thinking about purchasing. The main function of pre purchase inspections is to protect you; the buyer, from spending your hard earned cash on something which hasn't been taken care of. This will certainly deflate that new car happiness you get inside when it leaves you stranded on the hard shoulder of the motorway in clouds of smoke.

Our PPI's are extremely thorough. No component is left unchecked. First of all a HPI is carried out and cross referenced with the advertisement.

The bodywork is checked for any imperfections including evidence of previous panel repairs or paint.

The interior is inspected including trim condition, button function and upholstery wear.

Using our manufacturer spec diagnostic machines the diagnostic sweep and interrogation is carried out, this will flag any faults, crash data and more.

The vehicle is then checked over underneath for any wear to suspension components, oil leaks or signs of abuse and more.

The vehicle is then road tested for any unusual behaviour, knocks or rattles. 

One attribute that separates Prestige Autoworks from everyone else is our bespoke PPI's. What are they? These are check overs designed specifically for that model of vehicle. Having a wealth of knowledge on all brands of supercar enables us to pinpoint common issues,  that surface at a certain age or mileage. With this knowledge we then integrate that into our inspections. This ensures your new purchase has been thoroughly checked over, something a standard PPI cannot provide.

PPI'S from £200inc VAT.

Results of a purchase of without a PPI

Snapped Spring..Just been MOT'd

Just sold with a fresh MOT...

With a plugged sidewall?!

'Bushes have been replaced.' This is a hard one to spot. Check the right side of the bush, it hasnt been pressed home against the arm itself. It also has been fitted back to front.

The Procedure

1. You see the car you're after, its available and ready to purchase. The seller is happy for an inspection to be carried out (if they're not this is a massive red flag already).

2. Call Prestige Autoworks, let us know the sellers information, car make and model and when you would like it inspected.

3. We contact the seller, organise a date and convenient time. We will ask the seller a few questions just to get some history on the vehicle.

4. We visit the seller and vehicle, carry out our bespoke vehicle checkover to that specific make and model. HPI checks, full vehicle inspection and diagnostic interrogation (this will flag any mileage clocking within modules and even crash data). All findings are documented and emailed through to you with pictures and videos for evidence.

5. This is where you come in. Hopefully everything is well and good with your potential purchase and you can go ahead and complete the sale. If theres a few advisorys this can be displayed to the seller for potential negotiations on the cost price of the car. Or you can simply pull out of the sale and get back on the hunt!



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