Diagnostics...What is it? Diagnostics is the more in depth electrical side of the vehicle. For example, you can have your Ferrari 458 running rough with limited power, flagging completely random fault codes every time you start it. After further investigation its found to be a backed out pin at the right hand bank ECM intermittently losing contact. In simpler terms, its detective work.

Using the latest software available enables a deep scope into the vehicles 'brain' to assess live data and track down faulty components. Did you know some faults won't flag warning lights, yet still have a dramatic affect on the vehicles fuel consumption, performance and responsiveness. We are also able to carry out functions such as coding and reprogramming, adaptions and relearns. 

Our machines not only help the repair process, they can also track mileage irregularities and see data such as top speeds, redline counts and launch control counts. 

If you're stuck with a fault which seems neverending, save time and money. Get in contact for a professional, fast and reliable experience.

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Lamborghini ECU with blown track from incorrect jump start

Porsche Cayman S with Throttle Position Faults. Found to be a snapped cable to MAF sensor

DB9 Roof not lowering. Latch motor saturated in water. Managed to rescue this one!